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RMOTR is an online bootcamp with real teachers and classes. Two classes per week in a live classroom, surrounded by people and with UNLIMITED mentor support.
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Attend to classes with real teachers and classmates. Unlimited mentor support so you never get stuck.

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Become a Python
Data Scientist

A 4-month, after hours program that will help you become a Python Data Scientist. Learn all about programming and the Python tools required for Data Analysis, Visualization and processing.

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Become a Django
Web Developer

A 4-month, after hours program that will help you become a Python Web Developer. Learn about Django implementations, how to build RESTful APIs and how to deploy to cloud services.

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Course Report

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5 stars based on 100 reviews


I really enjoyed live coding sessions and ability to get help from real mentors. Mentors are a unique part of this course because every other online course leaves you alone with your problem when you need a help with your code

Anne Chepkeitany

Excellent hands-on experience in Python. Real projects covering the advanced concepts in Python. I particularly loved the group projects also as it depicts real-world scenario of team work

Michal Nalevanko

Friendly and helpful mentors, coders from all around the world, challenging assignments.
Awesome combination!


rmotr.com guided my learning and connected me with a community of mentors and like-minded individuals. Had fun, learned a lot, met cool people.. what more can you ask for? I can't thank these guys enough.


For years, I tried to learn Python on my own and struggled to make any meaningful progress. However, with the accountability of the class along with coding partners, I made more progress in 4 weeks than I did in 4 years!


The classes and group projects keep you on track and give you some great hands-on time. Teachers/mentors are constantly available and super supportive. So I'd say anyone interested in coding and considering RMOTR as a next step should go for it without hesitation.

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